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Q. I don't live in the US. Will I still be able to use Cash Power Course?
Answer: Anyone can use the techniques inside Cash Power Course to earn income.  It is not for people just in the US.  No matter where you are from, you can use the techniques listed inside.   Back to top

Q. Once I purchase Cash Power Course, how do I access it?
Answer: Once you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to our welcome page. This is the page that gives you access to the Cash Power Course.  It is wise to bookmark the page or save it to your favorites so you don't lose it.   Back to top

Q. I lost the log in page (welcome page). How do I get back to it?
Answer: If you have lost the link to this page, all you need to do is email us with your ClickBank purchase receipt they emailed you when you purchased.  This is to make sure we verify that you did in fact purchase the course. You can email us this info to Once we verify your order, we will send you the link to your email. NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR THIS EMAIL. SOMETIMES IT WILL GO THERE.   Back to top

Q. Will I be required to pay any additional fee's to use Cash Power Course?
Answer: No.  As we explain on our main page, you are not required to pay any additional fees to make money using the techniques inside Cash Power Course.   Back to top

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes. Not only do we offer a money back guarantee, it is unconditional.  This means that we do not make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get your money refunded. You have an entire 8 weeks to try it.   Back to top

Q. Do you offer support once I order?
Answer: Yes. We have a trained customer support team who are able to answer any questions you may have about Cash power Course.  They are here to help you succeed if you need it.   Back to top

Q. How easy is Cash Power Course to understand?
Answer: Very easy.  We spent most of our time putting this together with that in mind. We wanted to make sure that anyone with any kind of background could follow our steps to success.   Back to top

Q. How can I contact you?
Answer: You can contact us at anytime at with questions.
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Q. Can you tell me exactly what I will be doing with Cash Power Course.
Answer: The techniques we use are quite simple to follow.  We keep our description brief only because it is very simple.  We developed this on our own and we do our best to protect it unless clients purchase it.  We can tell you that it is not surveys, rebates, mlm, envelope stuffing, data entry or any other business that does not work for 99.9% of people trying them.  We understand this question, hopefully you can understand our answer.   Back to top

Q. How long is the pre-launch offer good for?
Answer: It could go away at anytime.  We are offering a 50% savings for those of you that start today. We could change the price back to $139.95 at anytime.   Back to top
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Course Highlights